Electrical & Electronic Calibration Lab Process Instrumentation Lab Equipment Testing Lab
Fluke 5500 Calibrator 7.5 digitsBemax MC5 multifunction CalibratorNoise Doso meter & calibirator
Circuit Breaker TesterDry Bath calibrator, AmetekVibration Meter
Cable Fault LocatorCal gauge XP caltrosBench mount range conductivity TDS meter
Cable identifier WT500Fluke Current loop simulator 4 - 20 mAMoisture Meter Model: CA
Cable Insulation TesterCalibration Test Bench Make NagmanPH Calibrator HI931001 HANNA
Phase Sequence TesterFluke Documenting Process CalibratorWater purity indicator PH meter
Electrical Power Analyzers Fluke 43B, Ideal 800 series, YokogawaSimulator Handled Pt-100Bench Top Thermohygro Meter Hi-8564
Resistivity Tester-H700IR Calibrator FLUKECommunicator Fieldbus Emerson
Elect/Magnetic Field Meter/DetectorPrecision absolute manometerTacho meter
Meter Volt /MA calibrator, Fluke 715Precision Glass Thermometer- 1 to 2010 CLUX meter
Test Pressure gauges 0 TO 10000 psiFusion Splicer

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