Engineering Testing Services

Instrumentation Centre provides a nationwide service for various aspects of Electrical & Instrument testing and much more. We have fully qualified key personal to ensure a quality service at very competitive rates.

Following are some Electrical & Instrumentation testing services we provide
  • Power Quality testing
  • Onsite kWh & kVARh Meter Testing
  • Onsite Instrument & transmitter Testing using Industrial Signals Simulators and HART communicator.
  • Cable Insulation & Fault location Testing
  • Earth Testing
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Resistivity/Surface Resistivity Testing
  • Cable Identification
  • Elec/Magnetic Field, LUX Testing
  • Vibration , Noise/Sound Level Measurements
  • Optical Fibre Fusion/Splicer
  • Thermography
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