Power Factor Improvement Plant Training

Course Code: IC-RTDM-01
Duration: 2 Days
Date & Timing: On-demand
Venue: NED University of Engineering & Technology
Investment: on-quote
About the Program:

In the wake of increasing power tariff and to achieve overall high efficiency of their operations, industries are constantly looking for new avenues to control their operational costs. Power factor improvement is one of the quickest ways to qualify for lower electrical tariff and operate machines and systems at higher efficiency and lower wear and tear. Therefore, electrical engineering professionals and consultants dealing in power factor improvement/correction solutions are in high demand.

This course details the fundamentals of power factor correction. It describes their importance for efficient network use and what must be considered when applying power factor correction in a poor power quality environment. The process of building up a power factor improvement system for a client as a case study will be described as well.

Program Content:
  • Overview of Power factor concepts
  • How to improve power factor
  • Benefits of power factor correction
  • Power factor Penalties in Pakistan – K-Electric
  • How to read Industrial Bills
  • Components of commercial Power factor improvement solutions
  • Application example
Who should attend:
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Engineering Students
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